This week, Fast 9 (the name may change, depending on where you live) is finally unleashed in cinemas after a delay of over a year. So that loud noise you may have heard during the last couple of weeks was almost certainly Fast & Furious megafan Ben Travis yelling, “MAGNET PLANE!”. So when the chance came up to talk to Fast 9 star, Nathalie Emmanuel, we had no choice but to send Ben, and the two have a fun chat about fast cars, furious family, and Emmanuel’s role in the upcoming Army Of The Dead prequel, Army Of Thieves.

Then, in the virtual podbooth, Ben joins Chris Hewitt, Helen O’Hara, and James Dyer for an episode in which The Three Fact Structure is Fast & Furious-centric (although not at first), the listener question makes us all nostalgic for the year 1989, the team talks about the week’s movie news, from new Transformers films to Snow White casting news, and they review Fast 9, Supernova, Sweat, and Kevin Hart‘s Fatherhood. And we ask the biggest question of them all: just who is Sonof Dalton?


Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts or the pod app of your choice – or via the PlanetRadio player above.

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