Emily Blunt clearly enjoyed co-starring with (and frequently ribbing) Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise, because she’s up to work with him again. Johnson, however, will be a producer this time, with Blunt leading an action-adventure movie about real-life law enforcement barrier-breaker Kate Warne.

Her name might not be widely known, but Warne’s impact was huge. A real-world Sherlock Holmes, she succeeded as a sleuth at the famous Pinkerton Detective Agency in the 1860s, helping to swing the doors of a male-dominated industry. Oh, and she was also a covert intelligence agent for the Union during the American Civil War. Blunt might not have playing a superhero on her agenda right now, but it looks like she’s found the closest thing – and one based in truth, to boot.

Charlie Bartlett writer Gustin Nash is on to craft the script, while Johnson’s Seven Bucks Productions team will start looking for a director. Amazon Studios, which is already in business with the company on Christmas action-adventure Red One, is also backing the new movie.

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