He’s already playing one DC character – that would be Shazam-adjacent anti-hero Black Adam, whose debut is filming now – but Dwayne Johnson doesn’t seem satisfied with just that. He’s adding a voice role to the list, and one you night not expect: Krypto the Superdog.

The character will be part of Warner Bros.’ animated adventure DC League Of Super-Pets, which has Jared Stern and Sam Levine co-directing, based on a script by Stern and John Whittington. Not much is known about the story, beyond the basic concept of Krypto teaming up with a flying cat to battle crime while Superman is on holiday. Of course, that could all still change given that the movie is still being made.

Warners is apparently happy with the work so far, and has handed the film a 20 May release date next year. Yet given that the Memorial Day weekend across the pond is currently packed with releases, it could still shift, even with the selling power of The Rock as a voice.

Black Adam, meanwhile, has a 29 July 2022 release on the books for the States.

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