Sleigh bells riiiing… the Rock is cookin’… up a new project. Yes, in keeping with him having hit other different way points on his cinematic journey mirroring other action stars, Dwayne Johnson has arrived at the Christmas movie. At least, that appears to be the intent of Red One, which he’ll star in and produce for Amazon.

Producing partner/Seven Bucks president of production Hiram Garcia actually came up with the original story, which has now been handed to Fast & Furious veteran franchise scribbler Chris Morgan to turn into a movie.

Though everyone involved is staying quiet about the actual details so as to avoid the Naughty List, the project is described as “a globe-trotting, four-quadrant action-adventure comedy” The Hollywood Reporter has heard that it will feature Father Christmas in some capacity.

And Amazon, as is that company’s wont, sees the chance for something beyond one movie – with hopes for other spin-offs and even potential for its delivery business. Cue the Christmas tie-ins! No director is aboard yet, but the current plan is to shoot the initial film next year for a Chrimbo 2023 release.

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