As Marvel’s Shang-Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings continues to do well on the big screen, parent company Disney has decided upon a cinema-only release schedule for its remaining 2021 titles. Eschewing the day-and-date Disney+ release (either for a Premier Access fee or just on the service), Eternals, Encanto, The Last Duel, West Side Story, Ron’s Gone Wrong and The King’s Man will all debut exclusively in cinemas in new, shorter theatrical windows.

Most of the titles will play theatrically for 45 days before heading to Disney+ and other venues, while Encanto will have a 30-day run before releasing on the streaming service on Christmas Eve.

Shang-Chi has now earned more than $119 million domestically and $257.6 million worldwide thanks to a relatively low second-weekend drop. Eternals, the next Marvel title to land, will be released on 5 November.

In other Marvel news, we now know when a host of new films will arrive in 2024 – though the company is naturally keeping quiet about the titles. The company has planted flags in 16 February, 3 May, 26 July, and 8 November of that year.

The speculation as to which movies could take those slots has already begun – including chatter about the next Deadpool outing, Fantastic Four and more, though there are still 2023 slots available, assuming the production schedules line up.

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