It appears Denis Villeneuve will continue to make movies in the sci-fi sphere for the foreseeable future. As he gears up for his the second part of his Dune adaptation, he’s also targeting another big name in the genre – Arthur C. Clarke. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Villeneuve will tackle Clarke’s epic take Rendezvous With Rama.

Clarke’s story follows a group of human space explorers who are tasked with intercepting an alien starship that is hurtling through the solar system. It is believed that the missions will lead to mankind’s first contact with alien intelligence.

Alcon Entertainment, which produced previous Villeneuve outings Prisoners and Blade Runner: 2049, have the rights to the 1973 tome, and will work with actor Morgan Freeman and producer Lori McCreary, who have been seeking to adapt the book for years (with David Fincher attached at one point.)

“This is one of the most intelligent works of fiction in the genre; it poses as many questions as it does answers, and is a work for our time,” say Alcon duo Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove. “It’s perfectly fitted to our friend and collaborator Denis’ brilliant sensibilities and specifically to his love and passion for science fiction. We are also pleased to work with Morgan and Lori, who have a long-standing passion for this IP.”

Rama will have to continue to wait, thanks to Villeneuve’s duties on Dune Part 2 and the spin-off TV series.

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