When Netflix dropped a teasing hint Tuesday on social media about something arriving from David Fincher, the ‘net naturally lit up with speculation, pleas for a third season of Mindhunter and even a few very silly jokes. But if your fingers and toes were crossed for more serial killer investigation or even something about Fincher’s planned reunion with Seven writer Andrew Kevin Walker, The Killer, it’s neither. Fincher has actually been working on Voir.

What’s that, you ask? Well, as the exceedingly brief and detail-light teaser makes clear, it’s a docuseries of visual essays designed to celebrate cinema. Which makes sense given Fincher’s love of cinema history. It’s also not shocking that he’d pivot to make this at a time when cinema (on the box office front) is still recovering from the battering it took during the pandemic. If only someone had thought to celebrate our cinemas before.

It’s also slightly ironic that a docuseries about cinema will be seen by most people on Netflix, but we’ll take any new Fincher-driven material we can get. He’s premiering it at this year’s American Film Institute Festival across the pond, and it’ll then be on the streaming service.

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