Having appeared in the biggest science fiction or at least – space opera – franchise of them all has apparently not put Daisy Ridley off the genre. She’s now attached to star in new brain-twisting tale Mind Fall.

La Haine‘s Mathieu Kassovitz is directing, with The Imitation Game writer Graham Moore on script duty. Mind Fall takes place in near-future London, where the most sought-after drug on the black market is memories, physically removed from one person’s brain and implanted into another’s using a new illegal technology. Top trafficker, Ardis Varnado (Ridley) removes reminiscences from those looking for a quick buck, and then resells them to “clients,” who pay top dollar for these “mems” that bind to their subconscious, effectively becoming indistinguishable from their natural memories.

Meanwhile, she battles her own addiction to the mems, often struggling to distinguish between the life she’s lived and the memories she’s implanted. So, when she’s accused of murdering one of her clients, Ardis’ instinct is to doubt her own mind. She decides to solve the crime herself, hoping to clear her name but questioning everything she’s ever thought to be real. And as she pulls back the layers, she realizes that she has every reason to do so.

Yes, it’s a concept that could have been cooked up by The Outer Limits or Black Mirror, but we’re hoping for a fresh twist on the idea.

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