As if the news that Chris Pratt will voice legendary video game plumber/adventurer Mario in a new ‘toon didn’t send enough shockwaves through the interwebs, word that he’s now adding Garfield to his animated portfolio will just increase them.

Yes, the laconic, lasagne loving cat created by Jim Davis and first published in Stateside comic strips in 1978 has since gone on to be a syndication and merchandising behemoth, while also spawning several TV series, the much-maligned 2004 film named for him and its sequel, 2006’s Garfield: A Tale Of Two Kitties, which saw Bill Murray providing the voice.

David Reynolds wrote the script for the new animated take, and it’ll be directed by his old The Emperor’s New Groove collaborator Mark Dindal. No sign yet of who will be voicing Garfield’s owner Jon or any of the other characters. DNEG Animation will be providing the footage, and the film will arrive – though we don’t know when yet – via Sony.

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