Though it might not have grabbed the best reviews, The Tomorrow War has reportedly been a big success for Amazon, with plenty of views and some healthy feedback from users. It’s perhaps not so shocking, then, to learn that the streaming service and production company Skydance are kicking off early discussions about a sequel to the sci-fi war movie, with star Chris Pratt and director Chris McKay considering returning.

They’re not the only ones – according to Deadline, Amazon wants to bring much of the creative team, including writer Zach Dean and stars including Betty Gilpin, Yvonne Strahovski and JK Simmons back for more alien menace action.

What the story would be this time has yet to be figured out, but given that there’s plenty of scope for humanity to still be under threat, it appears this one is definitely going the franchise route. Does that make you excited? Fearful? Bored? That depends on how you reacted to the first…

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