Back in December last year, as part of the onslaught of news from Disney’s big investor day event, came word that Team Pixar was digging into its back catalogue, but in a unique way. We learned that Chris Evans would voice the space hero whose adventures spawned the Buzz Lightyear toy in Toy Story. Well, set your controls for Planet Trailer (it’s in the same system as Pizza Planet), as the first teaser for the movie, directed by Angus MacLane, is on the launch pad.

This first proper glimpse of the film has much to excite those who were wondering exactly what this might be. Inspired by the movies that MacLane and his colleagues loved growing up in the late 1970s and 1980s, it promises to be a space adventure with a test pilot-style version of Buzz, albeit a younger man than the inspiration for the confused plastic Space Ranger we met all those years ago.

And beyond the first look at Buzz, a few of his comrades and a robot cat that seems destined to be a fan favourite, very little is revealed here. Though we can’t help but notice some very familiar-looking robots late on in the footage… Zurgbots, anyone?

Lightyear poster

Lightyear will rocket into cinemas on 17 June next year.

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