It really is starting to feel like a universal law that every Stephen King story must be adapted at least once, and some are greedy enough to go for seconds. Case in point: killer car thriller Christine, which was previously brought to screens by John Carpenter in 1983, is being given a fresh stab by Hannibal‘s Bryan Fuller, who will write and direct for Blumhouse and Sony.

The tale follows a shy teenager who buys a rundown 1958 Plymouth Fury to restore, and starts to come out of his shell. Trouble is, the car has a mind of its own and murderous intent, and starts to change Arnie and everyone around him… Apparently, the aim for this one is to stick with the ’80s vibe.

Fuller, of course, is known for his work on shows such as American Gods, Pushing Daisies, Star Trek: Voyager and more, though if his recent history is anything to go by, he could end up replaced halfway through the shoot by someone like Alex Kurtzman. He does, at least have form with King, as Fuller wrote the 2002 TV movie take on Carrie.

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