Brandon Cronenberg has well and truly established himself as a filmmaker to watch with the likes of Possessor and Antiviral. He’s now setting up his next project, Infinity Pool, which has Alexander Skarsgård abroad to star.

As is his usual style, Cronenberg also wrote the script, which will feature Skarsgård as James, one half of a young couple who are rich, in love and on holiday. Their all-inclusive resort boasts island tours and gleaming beaches. But outside of the hotel gates waits something much more dangerous and seductive, beyond the edge of paradise… We’re going to guess it’s not a building site for the hotel next door, which was often what we got when we went on holiday.

Neon, the company behind Parasite, is backing this one alongside *Leave No Trace producers Topic Studios. As for Skarsgård, he’ll next crop up in Robert EggersThe Northman and has a role on the upcoming season of Succession*.

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