In November last year, when the idea of A Quiet Place Part II hitting cinemas seemed like such a far-away wish, word broke that Midnight Special director Jeff Nichols had landed the job of handling a spin-off third film. It’s clearly moving forward – albeit slowly – as Paramount has handed out a 2023 release date.

The new film is at a very early development stage, and no plot details have been released, but we do know it won’t be a direct threequel featuring anyone from the Abbott family (they could still cameo), but instead act as a spin-off set elsewhere in the Quiet Place story with other characters surviving in the post-apocalyptic world riddled with violent alien creatures who attack at the slightest sound.

While Nichols will write and direct the new instalment, he’s basing his film on an idea from Quiet Place writer/director John Krasinski, so it will all tie in. A Quiet Place Part II has had a strong start at the box office, with $69 million so far in the US and $93.1 million worldwide to date. Whatever the spin-off ends up being called, it’s scheduled for March 2023.

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