Squeaking in right at the end of the year, CD Projekt Red’s massive and ambitious futuristic RPG doesn’t quite live up to its unstoppable hype machine, but it’s still a staggering accomplishment. Set in the neon dystopia of Night City, players have almost unfettered freedom to explore, from the seedy underworld to the heights of mega-corp opulence and influence. The future of this world is in the cybernetically enhanced V though, a runner on the mean streets, caught in a conspiracy that involves the fate of the city and the digital ghost of Keanu Reeves (well, kind of). Night City may be a corporate-run hellhole, but with heaps of customisation options and a multitude of ways to tackle almost every encounter, it’s a hellhole that players will be putting their mark on and making discoveries in for years to come. But all of this comes at a price. If you’re playing the game on PC or one of the next gen consoles, then congratulations. But anyone attempting to play Cyberpunk on a base PS4 or XB1 is, for the time being, in for a world of pain. If you fall into the latter group then we strongly advise you to wait for either the promised fix (due early 2021) or until you get a more powerful console.

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