A hypnotic, captivating, almost zen-like experience, The Pathless might not have the 20-hour campaign of some of the console’s other titles, but it more than makes up for in sheer style what it lacks in narrative depth. Placing you in the role of a nameless hunter accompanied by her eagle, you must traverse a verdant landscape, freeing corrupted behemoth boss creatures from the influence of the Godslayer. The setup is secondary to the execution, though. The game has you flow effortlessly across the terrain, boosted by targets hit with your bow, or gliding through the air. The Pathless is precisely that – freeing you from the shackles of traditional movement to make simply traversing the world an absolute delight. With brain-tickling puzzles and a delightfully pure aesthetic, it’s a joy to play and after extended play sessions starts feel as much a state of mind as a game in the purest sense.

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